Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cold & AA

We have been on the jet stream bend as it heads south and then north. It may have hit 28 this morning. The cold screws up all my activities. To cold for golf, to cold for photography and even a walk on the beach is uncomfortable. We pitched all our Ohio winter clothes years ago. This winter has been the coldest ever!

We are excited about the Academy Awards tomorrow. We have seen nearly every movie contending for awards. We watched the Wrestler the other day and how some rate it higher than The Reader, Doubt and Milk are besides us. I lived for a glimpse of a TV in the late '40s. We would gather around a friends TV (we didn't get one until '55) and root for Gorgeous George. Sure it was fake as hell but it was exciting to watch the show. No blood, no chairs, no tables, just honest to goodness tumbling and painfully fake holds. But George won all the time. He threw gold hair pins to the crowd. Oh what I would have given to see a match in person. Today's Wrestler is of a different ilk. Rourke was excellent, just below that of performances of Streep, Penn, Winslet.


  1. I haven't seen that many of the contenders. None for Best Picture, but I did see THE DARK KNIGHT, and I hope Heath Ledger wins Best Supporting Actor. Jack Nicholson defined that role in the '80s, and Heath actually took it to another level.

    I did see TROPIC THUNDER, and I think Downey did a good job in that, but not better than Ledger.

    I saw THE VISITOR, and the guy up for best actor was alright, but I didn't think it was outstanding. Maybe if I saw that guy in another perspective where he was really outgoing and interesting it would show my how good of an actor he was playing a boring dude.

    It's a tough call between WALL-E and KUNG FU PANDA for animated film, both were superb. WALL-E was probably more creative in how it portrayed the future landscape, but KUNG FU PANDA was just funnier.

  2. I agree on Heath, I belive he is a shoe in!